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The Modular Trench Grate and Drain Innovation!

Built upon a rich legacy of 21 years of hands-on market research, this system has been engineered to offer seamless integration into your buildings and plumbing systems to boosting your overall convenience.

The design of this system promises a fluid finish and perfect compatibility with any setting. Adhering to Australian standards, it establishes impressive superiority, adding a touch of luxury to your space. Every element of CLICK DRAIN® has been meticulously crafted to ensure that it delivers optimum efficiency, enhancing your experience. Watch how easy it is right here:

CLICK DRAIN® presents an inventive drainage system that is crafted with the brilliance of stainless steel and advanced seamless technology. Constructed to be a durable and high-grade modular system, it stands out for its exclusive ‘click’ connections for hassle-free installation. 


Watch how easy it is right here:-

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Ease of Installation of CLICK DRAIN®

CLICK DRAIN® is an innovative product designed to empower plumbers and builders to rapidly and effectively customize the drain according to specific site requirements. The user-friendly click-together system simplifies installation and offers all necessary components, comprising of:

  • Joiner sections
  • Outlets sections
  • Stop ends
  • Change of direction sections

Recognizing the expense of  trades’ installation time, our primary concern revolves around the simplicity of our drain grate installations. We ensure a seamless installation experience from start to finish.

Features of CLICK DRAIN® from Heelguard

  • Safer – Noticed those broken and cracked plastic grates or the rusted out iron ones? These are dangerous trip hazards we see in shopping centres and other public spaces. Click Drain® does not warp, crack or rust. They are sleek and come with slip resist construction when using heelguard grates.
  • Crafted with pride in Australia – Heelguard’s Click Drain stands head and shoulders above the cheap (in every way!), imported alternatives. Distinguished by its superior durability and strength, this product confidently handles high impact and heavy burdens with ease. You can rest assured, knowing the weight of hefty equipment is no match for the robust build of the Click Drain. 
  • Unfazed by Rust & Decay – The drain grates will handle water along with a diverse range of chemicals and waste. Our drain grates are exceptionally resilient to rust and decay. The stainless-steel grates are ideal due to their strength in defying water-induced corrosion even in acidic and alkaline circumstances. 
  • Withstanding Intense Aussie Conditions – Our stainless steel drain grates exhibit incredible resilience under Australia’s notorious extreme temperatures. Even under intense heat, our click drain grates hold their own, never compromising on their robustness or performance.
  • Hygiene takes on a whole new dynamic. Crafted from material that is entirely non-porous, it significantly minimises the chances of bacteria nesting and spreading around pores and cracks. Plus, its special design makes it a breeze to clean, offering you a superb combination of convenience and functionality.
  • Visual Allure – The polished elegance of stainless steel drain grates enhances the modern vibe of your space. Their captivating design harmoniously merges with the environment, unlike other undesirable drain grates that can detract from the appeal of your surroundings.
  • Greater Value – Our innovative click drain system is specifically designed to provide exceptional value to our clients. The streamlined assembly and installation procedures are so remarkably progressive that there’s no question it is simply the most outstanding drain grate systems available.
  • Effortless Upkeep – Our drain grates offer a level of simplicity in maintenance that surpasses other drainage systems. The conveniently available panels and covers promote effortless cleaning and swift reassembly. 
  • Embrace sustainability – With our drain grates crafted from recyclable stainless steel. They are not only eco-friendly but also consciously made from reused materials. 
  • Future proof – Customisation isn’t just when you install, but as a modular system you can reconfigure your drain trench layout when required.

Step Up Your Drainage Game with a Plethora of Options and Custom Finishes.

When you’re considering drain grates, ordinary materials like iron and plastic just won’t do the trick. These materials are fraught with issues that make them unsuitable for many scenarios. However, we offer a broad array of choices catering to a wide variety of situations by even providing custom finishes such as Brass, Gold, and Laser Printed upon request. 

Are you in search of the ultimate drain grates for your…

  • Construction,

  • Renovation,

  • Civil project,

  • Commercial development

  • Industrial application

  • Hospitality venue

  • Aged care facility

Discover the exceptional quality of CLICK DRAIN ® from Heelguard, offering you personalized drain grates with impeccable click-together elements. Showcasing the most extensive line of refined designs, we cater to both small and big floor requirements. Our offering allows excellent creativity in conceptualizing and crafting your space. Incorporating our on-trend yet classic design of drain grates will lend an extraordinary ethos to your moisture-rich areas. We have a ready supply at our warehouse and assure prompt delivery to any location. 

Explore our online product gallery or reach out to us to discover how our drain grates can ensure optimal drainage for your home or commercial enterprise. 

CLICK DRAIN ®, available in 1- or 2-meter lengths and always in stock, so there’s no need to stress over last-minute orders or downtime. We offer both 45 and 90-degree sections for ease in changing direction. Currently, our standard clear opening size is 100mm, now expanded to include a 200mm option. Additionally, we provide custom finishes such as Brass, Gold, and Laser Printed upon request. For more details on custom plating and printing, click here. So step up your linear drainage system and set a new benchmark for your drainage needs today! 

Projects that use Clickdrain

Featuring an innovative and sustainable cross laminated timber design, the new Civic Precinct will bring together staff from seven Geelong offices to drive collaboration, reduce costs, and future-proof the city’s workplace needs. The 6-storey building will include active public spaces, co-working spaces, retail and food tenancies, and end-of-trip facilities.

The 271 million dollar stage 3 development included a new 5,000 seat multi-purpose Show Court Arena (Kia Arena), Centrepiece, a new 1,000 seat function and media centre with function rooms, pre-event spaces, interview rooms, a 250-seat auditorium, and broadcast studios. The works also added a central logistics hub including a kitchen and loading dock.

Stage One of the development, known as Coppins Corner is a historical local reference to the 1850s Richmond and Cremorne identity George Coppin – includes a split-level tower of 15 and 12-storeys, featuring 209 one, two, and three bedroom and SoHo-style apartments, with retail and hospitality located on the lower levels.

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