Want to upgrade the bathroom? Or are you a contractor looking for the best grate system options for your clients?

People often overlook floor drains in the bathrooms. For efficient water drainage from the shower, quality floor grates are necessary. It prevents your bathroom from getting clogged. Most homeowners do not think about installing the right shower grate system before it’s too late. Proper pre-planning for bathroom drainage is required to keep your floors hygienic, spotless and odour-free.

Heel Guard offers a variety of grates for your bathroom. Our bathroom floor grates are superior in both design and function. You can choose from many different styles and sizes to match your fall, outlet, or choice of tile. We can also customize your drains to suit your unique décor or application and also according to the thickness of your tiles.

The right bathroom grates can go a long way in making your bathroom feel and look great! They not only add beauty to your bathroom but ensure your bathroom floors remain clean and sanitary throughout.


Heel Guard offers the largest range of bathroom drainage that is designed and built to last. Our products are made right here in Australia using the highest-grade stainless steel, and its quality far exceeds the quality you get with imported products. Customization is our specialty, and we have the right experience to prove it to you. Since we sell custom bathroom drainage solutions for any bathroom application, shape, length, or width, you are sure to find something that matches your drain and grate needs perfectly without compromising on anything.

Shower grates allow for an easier transition point from the wet to the dry area in the bathroom. Our shower grates are quite flexible and can easily be placed where the need arises. It removed the ‘step over the curb’ in traditional showers and creates a barrier-free entrance to showers.

Many people choose to install it against the wall, others right in the middle of the shower, and some even at the entrance of your shower, depending on the bathroom design and situation. Choose from shower floor grates or linear floor grates that come in pre-made or customizable designs that are right for you.

Bathroom floor grates from Heel Guard are sleek and have a minimalistic design. With our innovative bathroom drainage solutions, you can create a functional and beautiful bathroom area. Whether you are a homeowner, builder, or designer, you cannot go wrong when you choose from our variety of bathroom drainage products. We ensure our bathroom grates will completely blend with your bathroom floor. It will allow the water to drain quickly and also prevent the building up of mould or grime.

We deliver bathroom drainage products all across Australia. If you need assistance in finding the right bathroom drainage solutions according to your needs, give us a call today!

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