Are you renovating your balcony or building an outdoor area? Our balcony drainage grates offer the perfect solution for your wet balcony needs!

A balcony is a special place for homeowners. It has become one of the most desirable features of apartments, townhouses, or two-story homes. A properly designed balcony can give you a place to spend some quiet time, listen to music or even enjoy the wonderful weather outside. It can also be a great social place where you can entertain your friends and families.


When you are on your balcony, one of the things you do not want to see is an ugly and obstructive drainage system spoiling the beauty of your floors; it can be a mood-kill. It can be even worse when they do not drain water efficiently. Imagine being welcomed by a pool of water when you open the balcony after a wet spell.

You need an efficient water drainage system that is not only invisible but efficient as well. Our specialized balcony drainage grates are made of modular and interlocking pieces of stainless-steel grates, which means they can be used in several ways. Whether you are looking to install a channel drain on your patio or construct an entire floor of grating, we have the perfect balcony drainage option!

There are a number of ways to use our comprehensive balcony drainage systems, including:

  • Balconies
  • Patios
  • Overpasses
  • Outdoor areas for residential, commercial, and municipal spaces

No matter the area, our balcony grating systems offer visually appealing drainage options that are extremely low maintenance. Our grates prevent water pooling by allowing water to pass, making your area slip-resistant, and giving it a clean finish.

At Heel Guard, you are buying directly from the manufacturer. Our grates are made in Australia. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality floor grating systems that can easily withstand harsh weather conditions and even harsh chemicals found in outdoor areas. Our range of linear grates can be seamlessly embedded into your home’s architecture. Each of our grates can be cut to suit the shape of your balcony area in a way that it is completely unnoticeable but without compromising on its performance.

All this means you can enjoy your balcony area for years without worrying about maintenance, efficiency, or failure. All our grates come with a lifetime guarantee. Our balcony grates are the perfect solution when dealing with a large amount of water or where water tends to pool in one corner of your balcony.

To know more about our balcony floor grating services, get in touch with our experts! We will be happy to provide you with detailed information about our grating systems and how our experts can customize them to suit your environment. From balconies to patios, our grate solutions can be completely customized to match your needs.

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