Located just 2 kilometers west of Melbourne CBD, Dockland is quite popular among single professionals and young couples working in the area. The ultra-chic and beautiful architecture of the area is a reflection of the young crowd living here.

With modern waterfront apartments in Southbank, well-maintained semi-detached townhomes, and shops in Lygon Street catering to the needs of the people here, it is no surprise that our grating systems are so popular among the residents and businesses here.

Heelguard Grating design, manufacture, and supply grating systems and other accessories to support drainage and plumbing needs. Our grates designs are an excellent architectural statement for all kinds of buildings and can be custom-made to your exact requirement. We have a large team of experts who continually release new products in the market and refine existing ones for maximum functionality.


When it comes to choosing the style of our drainage grates, the sky is the limit. Heelguard Grating offers a wide range of grates
to suit your needs. We offer multiple styles, designs, and sizes of drain grating systems that are Australian Standard approved.
We invest in modern and innovative products that do not compromise durability and safety in any way. We ensure all the
products delivered are made of the highest quality material.

The best drainage grate for your project is the one that matches the look of the surroundings and is also functional. Our quality
grates can handle much more water flow, and that too without sacrificing style. All our products are made in Australia and
come with a long-term warranty for your peace of mind.

Heelguard Grating has been working with clients from different areas. We offer innovative drain grate solutions and technical advice to our clients on the use of our grating system for varied applications.

  • Bathroom
  • Balcony
  • Pool
  • Landscape
  • Walkway & Stairs
  • Commercial
  • Streetscape
  • Industrial

We are proud to bring beauty and versatility to the Dockland landscape with our products. Architects, homeowners, designers, landscapers, and business owners love all we have to offer. Our range of grating systems helps you save money in multiple ways – from the ease of installation, high durability, and to need no maintenance.

The team at Heelguard Grating is here to offer the most outstanding grating systems available in Australia, along with great service. We have built a great reputation in Dockland for both excellent product designs and manufacturing excellence. With an excellent range of premium grates and grating systems for your project, you can be sure to find everything you need in one place.

Call us at XXXXXXX to speak to one of our Dockland experts. We would be happy to find the right product for your residential or commercial project! Our sales team and on-site designers will work with you and your team to get the unique result you are looking for when it comes to high quality grating system.


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Threshold drains, Strip drains & Drain grates

Heelguard Grating Pty Ltd is a supplier of quality Australian Made architectural drainage products. Backed by 30 years’ experience in stainless steel fabrication, Heelguard Grating can offer a drainage solution for any project. Select from our range of standard products or call us for a specialised custom option to meet your specific requirements.

As our name suggests, Heelguard Grating is our passion. As design trends change we have adapted to offer all types of grating and insert options in various materials and finishes such as brass and electro-plated stainless steel.

Our personalised, solutions based approach offers our clients the guidance needed to achieve the desired aesthetic whilst ensuring functionality.

(Above) Standards

Heelguard Grating are industry leaders in slip resistance with our Safeline Grating finish. All Heelguard Grating products comply with the Australian Standards for: 

  • Access and mobility (AS1428.2)
  • Surface opening and load rating (AS3996)

With certifications across all testing methods our product stands out when it comes to compliance.

  • Bicycle tyre penetration resistance (AS3996-Clause 3.3.6)
  • Wheelchair and walking cane safety (AS1428.2- Clause 9)
  • Surface openings in pedestrian areas (AS3996)
  • Wet Pendulum Test (Slip Resistant to AS4586)
  • Wet-Barefoot inclining platform test (AS4586:C)
  • Oil-Wet inclining platform test (AS4586:Parallel)
  • Oil-Wet inclining platform test (AS4586:Perpendicular)