Trench Drain Grates and Frame

Trench Drain Grates and Frames that can bear heavy loads in high-traffic regions?

We see grates daily when driving, walking, or even riding a bike on the street. While it is easy to take them for granted, but without trench grates, the drainage system would not work and leave the streets flooded. If you are looking for a reliable and high-quality trench grate for your project, we might be the right choice for your project!

Heelguard offers a variety of trench grates and frames made specifically for different areas. We manufacture trench grates that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also include the specific characteristics you are looking for in your design. All our trench grates and frames are easy to install and are perfect for those looking for durable design and low maintenance qualities.
For decades, our skilled team has been providing top-line trench grating systems and outstanding service to our customers in Australia. We are proud of the fact that we manufacture some of the most reliable, versatile, and extensive lines of trench grates and frames in the industry.

What are Trench Grates?

A trench drainage system is a lengthened drainage system that is embedded in the ground and covered with a grate to allow water to flow through. These are designed to control the excess surface water and move it along the sewers, softscapes, and streams.
Trench grates are installed on the top of these drains to support people and vehicle movement without blocking their functionality. The panels of these trench grates are positioned in a way to support a stable and safe surface. The gaps on the grates allow liquids and air to flow into the drain below.
Given the many different places where these drains are installed, you can choose from a variety of grates designs. Heelguard offers a variety of trench grates and frames to suit different needs. Our trench grates and frames are available for various load classifications.

Trench Grates & Frames from Heelguard

There was a time when trench drain grates were more about practicality than design. All they had to do was serve their purpose of covering the channels where the water was moved. But with time andmajor changes in designs, trench grates today have elevated the aesthetic design wherever they are put in.
Major architectural features like entrances, courtyards, or landscaped areas, whether it is public or private, can be enhanced with the use of Heelguard trench grates and frames. You have the choice of whether you wish the grate to blend with the background or want it to stand out and yet compliment the surrounding designs.
Heelguard has the capabilities and experience to deliver the best possible products. Our products are made using a mechanically interlocked method of construction that makes it one of the strongest trench grates systems available in the market. You get to work with the best trench grates manufacturer in Australia when you work with us.

Advantages of Our Trench Grates & Frames


Heelguard offers a wide range of trench grates and frames to match your needs. All our products are manufactured right here in Australia and are made not just to match but exceed Australian standards.

Trench Grate Material

Our trench gratings are made of high-quality and long-lasting stainless-steel material. They can withstand corrosive and moist environments. Compared to the material of the cheap imports, our products have the strength and the looks you want.

Grate Styles

We produce a large selection of trench grates and frames in the market. You can choose from mesh drain grates, slot top grates, slotted grates, decorative drain grates, and longitudinal bar trench grates.

Grate Load Capacities

We provide trench grates with different load capacities like light, medium, heavy, and extra heavy duty. We can also customize special-duty trench drain grates needed for your project.

Get Customized Trench Drain Grates & Frames

Even though we have a variety of trench drain grates in stock, we also offer customized drain grates. We can make special trench grates in personalized material, size, design, and load class. Get in touch with our team today for assistance in picking the best trench drain grating for your project.Our team will help you throughout the customization process to ensure that the design concept meets your needs perfectly. We manufacture your trench grates fast and deliver the product to your location in no time.

Browse through our trench grates and frames and shop online or call us today for a free quote!

Heelguard’s sump grates and frames are the grating solution for cast in-situ applications. No longer do sump grates need to have the industrial look and feel commonly associated with generic GMS options.
Heelguard’s grating options provide the functionality required while not compromising on aesthetics. Made in Australia from quality materials, Heelguard’s range is available in both grade 304 and 316 to suit every application.

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