Streetscape Drainage

Streetscape Drainage

Streetscape is all about creating a ‘look and feel’ of a street that looks inviting and functional. Whether you are in charge of upgrading an existing urban area or you are an urban architect planning a new locality, an urban streetscape forms the backbone of any neighborhood. Designers need to develop these spaces using elements that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also long-lasting and easy to maintain.

Stainless steel grates are not just for your bathroom or balcony; they are widely used in the streetscape. Parks, community areas, and other open spaces are consistently being upgraded and refreshed to meet the modern urban environment. Here at Heel Guard, we understand the importance of good drainage in the streetscape to prevent the effect of harsh weather such as rain or stormwater. We offer a variety of streetscape drainage solutions that are likely to blend with your visual objectives. We supply neat edge grating systems. These can be easily implemented into any urban project with ease.


Poor drainage is a safety risk. When water accumulates on the road or the pavement, they reduce friction resulting in accidents. Uncontrolled water flows can also cause erosion and result in the loss of vegetation surrounding the area. Poor drainage can also cause permanent deformation problems on the road, resulting in reduced traffic safety, increased accidents, and higher costs for road owners. The pavement life is also decreased by a few years because of poor quality drainage.

Sometimes, the solution to drainage issues in streetscape can be solved by replacing the old and worn-out grates. It is an economical fix and is the best option for correcting drainage problems. We offer an extensive range of grating systems. Our goal is to provide the best quality products that can deliver exceptional results for your project.

Traditional grate systems for roads are becoming inadequate due to shrinking road shoulders and limited space because of underground services. Heel Guard has innovative grating systems that help combat these issues. Heel Guard grates are made of stainless steel and manufactured right here in Australia.

Our grates are unique, highly efficient, and compliant with local laws. It is designed to provide maximum water intake, ensuring quick and efficient water removal from the road surface. Our anti-slip grates ensure the safety of pedestrians in areas that get heavy foot traffic. The slot aperture is minimal to ensure public safety; wheelchairs, bicycle types, or heels do not get stuck without compromising on their functionality. We ensure our grates are robust enough to withstand service vehicles and waste removal trucks that often use the laneway where these grates are installed.

Whether you are looking for drainage grates for small urban streetscapes or much larger expansive tarmacs, you are sure to find the solution you need here! We provide grates that harmonize with the surrounding elements completely.

We want you to be completely satisfied with the product you pick, as we know your integrity is on line with such high-profile streetscape projects. Working with a professional and reliable Australian manufacturer ensures you are not disappointed with the cheap quality of imports. Heel Guard provides world-class support and puts designers like you in total control of the project – right from the design to manufacturing.

For more information on our grates option for your streetscape projects, contact us today! Our team at Heel Guard is extensively trained to make the entire selection process seamless.

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