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The Best Threshold Drainage System is ours!

Most builders, architects and consequently, property owners find poor surface drainage as one of the persistent problems they’ve to deal with. Threshold drains have slowly evolved as the mainstay in modern and organic home designs. It drastically reduces the risk of trip-and-slip hazards by stopping water flow from one area to another.

Why are Heelguard threshold drains the best?

Ours are a ‘Zero Threshold’ systems that help in comprehensively draining the water while integrating seamlessly with hinged doors, sliding door tracks and bi-folds. 

Heelguard Threshold Drains come in various shapes, designs and patterns that are highly efficient and compliant with Australian Standard for mobility and access.

Heelguard Threshold Drains are made from stainless steel and they are proudly Australian-made! So the quality is far superior to the Chinese imports, and made according to Australian standards. Not only in design and constructions, but in the grade and components of the stainless steel used, they offer longevity and better value for money compared to cheap imports that get rusted, corroded and damaged after a while, needing frequent replacements. Not to mention keeping money in Australia and Australians in jobs!

Why Threshold Drains?

It is well-known that ponding or poor water drainage over a prolonged period can result in extensive property damage. Traditional step-down doorways widely used over the years merely keep the water at bay from the indoor areas.

However, Heelguard Threshold Drainage doesn’t only act as an effective barrier for water to get inside but acts as an active water conduit.

How Does Heelguard Threshold Drainage Work?

Heelguard Threshold Drainage comes with an external linear grate integrated near the doorway or the barrier between indoor and outdoor spaces. An integrated concealed sub-sill collects water while stopping it from overlapping into the indoor areas, passing it to the external drainage system. 

Heelguard Threshold Drainage works flawlessly in a seamless fashion as a disguised water barrier. It helps prevent accidents and injuries, allows easy transfer of materials, and allows differently abled people using a wheelchair to access indoors and outdoors easily. 

How Can Heelguard Threshold Drainage Help? - Benefits of Threshold Drainage

Heelguard Threshold Drainage offers numerous benefits over the traditional step-down doorway and other drainage systems. This includes

Avoid Slips & Falls

Ponding and water pooling can tremendously increase the risk of slips and falls, causing injuries. Whether it is a commercial or residential property, Heelguard Threshold Drainage helps keep the indoor area clean, dry and hygienic by draining the excess water.
Active and efficient drainage ensures no grime or mould build-up, which are the main culprits of increasing trip hazards.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Compared to no drainage or other drainage systems used over the years, Heelguard Threshold Drainage can amplify the aesthetics of any property drastically without hurting the pocket.
These are neatly designed products that are made in Australia with a variety of grating options as per your preferences. Made from high-quality 304 and 316 Stainless Steel, Heelguard Threshold Drainage looks great, lasts for years, and performs excellently.

Structural Continuity

Heelguard Threshold Drainage seamlessly integrates with the doorways, pool area, balcony area, and anywhere that separates indoor and outdoor areas. 

This ensures unimpeded access between indoor and outdoor areas, ensuring mobility-impaired people can use their walkers or wheelchairs without barriers. 

It also drastically reduces the trip hazard, commonly associated with step-downs or levelled thresholds. 

100% Australian Made

When investing in threshold drainage, you need to focus on the looks, designs and patterns and quality. The market is flooded with tons of cheap imported products that don’t last long, corrode easily and need replacement periodically. 

Heelguard Threshold Drainage is made in Australia through our proprietary mechanisms, passing multiple safety and quality parameters. Our Threshold Drainage and other products fully comply with Australian Standards and building codes.

With Heelguard Threshold Drainage, rest assured of getting high-quality products that last for years, requiring little to no maintenance. 


Heelguard Threshold Drainages products come with a lifetime warranty, provided these are used for their intended purposes. This makes it a worthy investment to add functional and aesthetic value to your commercial or residential property, not to forget additional safety.

Heelguard Drainage products come with care instructions and a maintenance schedule, which is easy to understand and follow. 

Choose Heelguard Threshold Drainage – The Best The Money Can Buy!

Heelguard Threshold Drainage offers the best-in-class threshold drainage and grating solutions to its vast clientele across Australia. 

With the traditional barriers between indoor and outdoor areas dissolving due to the popularity of open-plan living, it’s important to choose the correct threshold drainage to add functionality and efficiency to the space. 

Heelguard’s 100% Australian-made Threshold Drainage makes an aesthetically pleasing visual statement while offering a superior level-plane drainage solution. Heelguard’s contemporary designs, high-quality products, and constant innovation in the drainage solutions space have helped us become one of the most trusted names in the industry. 

At Heelguard Grating, we have an unparalleled range of grates, threshold drainage designs, and sub-sill configurations, providing a tailored solution for your architectural projects. Trust us to offer the best threshold drainage solutions, and check out the difference yourself. 

For more information about our wide range of threshold drainage products or to request a free quote, give us a call today!

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