Grates are used in a wide variety of environments, but those for industrial uses need to be robust and ensure maximum longevity. It is the reason why our grating systems are made of the highest quality stainless steel that is durable, heat and water-resistant, and available at cost effective prices.

HeelGuard is the proud manufacturer and supplier of the highest quality stainless steel grates that outlast any other grates available in Australia. Our team drives the standard in industrial drainage and offers grating systems for all industrial applications anywhere in Australia. With decades of experience in grates production, we are beyond testing and have set a benchmark for every competition there is.


Floors are more than just flat surfaces. Because of the limited space, floor grating is a popular choice for industrial use. They combine drainage properties with safety for the workers, aesthetic appeal, and value for money. Our floor gratings can be used for a variety of industrial situations, such as walkways, ramps, bridges, raised platforms, commercial catwalks, livestock facilities, and others.

Our stainless-steel industrial grates provide a drained and safe surface that prevents the risk of falls. They also allow the best use of space by allowing you to do multiple things simultaneously. Since these are durable, lightweight, and easy to install, they are perfect for industrial applications. The material can also be recycled or reused, allowing for an environmentally-friendly solution for you and the planet.

Heel Guard has been Australia’s top manufacturer of floor grates for years. Our products are aligned with Australian standards for slip resistance and load-bearing rating. The value for money combined with our quality services has ensured our growth for so many years.

While the application for industrial grates greatly varies, the need for durability, strength, and corrosion resistance is the same. Whether you are setting up a small livestock structure or need proper drainage in the water treatment plant, our high-quality grates offer excellent water flow, ensuring your business is completely operational to its full potential.

Linear grating systems are the most obvious choice for industrial floors and are installed in both outdoor and indoor areas. These are specifically designed to eliminate mobility restrictions as they are leveled and prevent water from pooling. Since they prevent slippery accidents, they are ideal for busy areas where safety is vital.

Heel Guard offers a variety of pre-designed and custom-made grating systems to suit your needs. Whether it is to make a visual impact or for a specific purpose, our team can ensure your needs for industrial drainage are met. Our designers take into account the weather, water management needs, aesthetic preferences, and traffic when creating the best grating system for your needs.

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