The challenge of streetscape design is to achieve aesthetic appeal whilst ensuring compliance and functionality. Heelguard Grating’s wide range of products to suit this application include trench grate systems, paver infill covers, entry mats, curved grating and more. Our revolutionary modular system as seen here at the iconic "The Malt District" development in Richmond, Victoria is just one example. Read More


The applications for Heelguard grating are endless. Hard landscape designs in urban areas calls for durable, versatile, and attractive grating designs. Heelguard's tree grates is just one example, the ability to customize size and design adds to the appeal. Our fabrication abilities extend to other stainless steel landscape products such as tree guards, balustrades, bicycle hoops, paver infill covers and bench seats. Read More


Balcony drainage is a critical element in design. Whether it’s a lightweight construction or otherwise we have a product to suit. A variety of grating and tile insert options are available to achieve the look you are after. Choose from our standard line of products or customize your drainage system with our expert advice. Read More


Poolside drainage is essential to eliminate surface water and prevent salt or chlorinated water contaminating landscaped areas. Heelguard Grating can offer guidance on selecting the right product, material, and finish for your indoor or outdoor pool project. Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Center features a tile insert drainage solution to ensure slip rating compliance along with a discreet aesthetic. Read More


Heelguard Grating is the original architectural stainless steel grating with the added piece of mind of industry leading slip resistance. This innovative grating with a standard 5mm aperture is ideal in all pedestrian applications. Enjoy the sustainability, durability and aesthetics that only stainless steel grating can provide. Our grating lends itself perfectly to the application of suspended walkways, platforms, stair treads and landings. Read More


Strip drains are essential to the functional and aesthetic design of any bathroom. Designed to accompany large format floor tiles eliminating the need to cut tiles to create fall as you would with a round or square floor waste. Our range of products cater to all design intentions and waterproofing practices. Choose from our standard range or create your own customized drain. Read More


Heelguard Grating provides quality, durable and sustainable drainage solutions to suit all industries. We supply custom drainage options to food processing facilities, commercial kitchens, hatcheries, wineries, abattoirs and many more. Heelguard understands the need for function over form in this very specific market. Read More


Commercial applications tend to be high pedestrian traffic areas. Our Heelguard Grating systems are ideal when slip resistance, durability and aesthetics all have equal design importance. Suggested applications for Heelguard Grating are entry mats and trays, ventilation grilles and frames, threshold drainage systems and trench grating. Add a point of difference with Heelguard. Read More


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Threshold drains, Trench DRAIN AND Grates, Strip drains, modular & Custom drainage channel & grate

Heelguard Grating Pty Ltd is a supplier of quality Australian Made architectural drainage products. Backed by 30 years’ experience in stainless steel fabrication, Heelguard Grating can offer a drainage solution for any project. Select from our range of standard products or call us for a specialised custom option to meet your specific requirements.

As our name suggests, Heelguard Grating is our passion. As design trends change we have adapted to offer all types of grating and insert options in various materials and finishes such as brass and electro-plated stainless steel.

Our personalised, solutions based approach offers our clients the guidance needed to achieve the desired aesthetic whilst ensuring functionality.

(Above) Standards

Heelguard Grating are industry leaders in slip resistance with our Safeline Grating finish. All Heelguard Grating products comply with the Australian Standards for: 

  • Access and mobility (AS1428.2)
  • Surface opening and load rating (AS3996)

With certifications across all testing methods our product stands out when it comes to compliance.

  • Bicycle tyre penetration resistance (AS3996-Clause 3.3.6)
  • Wheelchair and walking cane safety (AS1428.2- Clause 9)
  • Surface openings in pedestrian areas (AS3996)
  • Wet Pendulum Test (AS4586:P5)
  • Wet-Barefoot inclining platform test (AS4586:C)
  • Oil-Wet inclining platform test (AS4586:Parallel)
  • Oil-Wet inclining platform test (AS4586:Perpendicular)