Drainage is a big problem for many backyards and gardens in Australia. Dense soil and flat land often lead to improper drainage resulting in water collecting in certain areas. It leads to damage to structures, dying plants and grasses and turns the land into wet swamps resulting in expensive repairs.

Landscape grating systems from Heel Guard provide exceptional drainage that is designed to pass the test of time. Our clean and minimalistic designs allow only the removable grate to be visible, allowing for a discreet and efficient drainage system. We offer a built-in formwork that greatly decreases the installation time.

Instead of opting for cheaper versions, choose landscape grates from Heel Guard. These are the most practical choice for your next landscaping or garden project. With the best quality and right finish, you can ensure your project looks and works great!


Benefits of Heel Guard’s Landscape Grates

Landscape grates differ from other grates needed around the house or commercial spaces. They are subject to baking sun and deluges of rainwater, and in the midst of all that, they need to look beautiful. Most products in the market cannot match these high standards.

Heel Guard is proud to offer landscape grates that meet the high quality in both style and material needed for the best of gardens or the harshest weather conditions.

Some of the top benefits of our landscape grating systems include:

Durable & Strong

All our landscape grates are made of heavy0duty stainless steel, long-lasting, and corrosion-resistant.


Our outdoor grates offer the best functional surface and stormwater drainage solution.


Our grates can be used in isolation or combined with other grates in different configurations according to your needs. We also provide custom grates, if needed.


Our grates come with fine grills preventing little fingers, paws or heels from getting stuck and preventing injuries. The grates are levelled with the surrounding ground surface to ensure no one trips over and hurts themselves.

Withstand High Temperature

The high-quality build of your grates ensures they do not crack with temperature fluctuations.

Attractive Looking

Landscape grates are attractive and help you create a seamless look with your beautiful landscaping design.

Variety of Landscape Drainage Applications

Heel Guard offers grates in many different designs and sizes for varied needs. You can choose from different designs to match with flooring of the ground surface, pavers, pebbles, gravels, ceramic tiles and others. These can be installed free-standing or against a wall as needed.

The Best Landscape Drainage Specialists in Australia

Landscaping is an art and often needs grates that are outside the standard range. Whether you are looking for custom curves, corners or lengths, Heel Guard can help you with all your landscape grating needs. Our experts will work with you closely to ensure you have the best landscape drainage solution for your next project.

For all your landscape drainage needs, get in touch with our experts today! We can help you find the best grates and plan your project confidently. You will find everything you need to get the job done on the first go.

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