Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC) Competition Pool Refurbishment


Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC) Competition Pool Refurbishment


On Time Developments/ MSAC


30 Aughtie Dr, Albert Park VIC 3206

Property / Development type:

Indoor Competition Pool

Property Description:

MSAC is home to world-class aquatic facilities, the indoor competition pool has 10 lanes, movable booms to make the pool 75-metres total, a movable floor, seating capacity of 1,800, underwater viewing, and gantry.

Reason you were engaged:

Heelguard was engaged on a referral basis to provide new surface water drainage around the perimeter of the pool

Description of work performed:

MSAC made good use of closures due to COVID-19, taking this opportunity to retile the competition pool concourse, removing floor wastes to be replaced with a linear tile insert drain. Heelguard supplied Ideal Drain with Tileline inserts in grade 316


As a high profile public pool, slip resistance was critical. By selecting Ideal Drain with Tileline Inserts as the desired drainage system, the slip resistance properties of the selected tile was maintained.


3 months, completed September 2021

Client / Stakeholder Feedback:

Both MSAC and On Time Developments were more than satisfied with the quality, finish and workmanship of our product. 


Heelguard was proud to be part of the reinvigoration of such an iconic internationally recognised facility. Appropriate product selection in this environment is critical to a positive long term outcome. With indoor pool applications, tile insert systems like Ideal Drain with Tileline offer the best option to limit the effects of tea staining often experienced with other styles of grating.