Threshold Drainage Applications

Seamless, Safe Designer Drainage

Originating in the 1990s to meet special needs access standards, threshold drains have evolved into staples of modern, stylish, and organic home architecture. Their flat-plane design allows for an integrated stainless steel threshold, enabling uninterrupted transitions and enhancing aesthetic appeal. Threshold drainage now includes specialised systems engineered to efficiently remove surface water from doorways to patios, balconies, and other areas where a level threshold is desired.

While commonly associated with residential settings, threshold drainage extends beyond these parameters, finding applications in commercial and civil spaces also. Its versatility in preventing water ingress whilst delivering a level plane makes it a valuable solution in many premises beyond houses and apartments.

Real Residential Applications

In residential settings, this flush threshold drain is often installed at doorways to balconies, decks, and patios to prevent water from making their way into indoor spaces. These active water conduits, protect structures from water damage and enhance indoor and outdoor living spaces. Providing both functional benefits and aesthetic appeal – quality threshold drainage improves not just the appearance but also the overall usability of an area.

This sleek and seamless drainage offers numerous benefits, including the prevention of water intrusion, minimising slip hazards, and preserving the integrity of structures. Surpassing traditional barriers, the advantages of threshold drainage extend to other doorways like the front doors, laundry doors, and house-to-garage entryways, ensuring safety and durability while maintaining the aesthetics and functionality of residential spaces.

Threshold drainage can be applied to almost any door type from bi-fold doors to hinged and sliding doors, offering a variety of opportunities for water management solutions in residential and commercial settings.

Capable Commercial Applications

Threshold drainage provides effective water management for commercial buildings as well as residential environments. It prevents flooding and water damage and allows unimpeded access by creating smooth transitions between internal and external spaces, accommodating wheelchairs, strollers, and individuals with mobility challenges. This ensures safety and convenience for all residents and visitors, promoting inclusivity in the built environment. These durable drainage systems are ideally suited to doorways accessed by customers, patrons, staff, and delivery personnel alike (equitable access, reducing efforts or obstacles in manoeuvring stock).

In commercial settings, threshold drainage plays a crucial role in managing water at threshold and ensuring safety. For storefronts, it prevents water from entering, maintaining a dry and welcoming entrance. Restaurants utilise it to safeguard indoor spaces and create a level transition to outdoor dining spaces. Hotels, public buildings, and airports employ it for efficient water management, enhancing safety and accessibility for all patrons.

Leading Industrial Ideals

Amidst industrial settings, threshold drainage solutions, can be beneficial to promoting workplace safety. While typically installed at the transition to outdoor spaces, threshold drainage can be applied at internal doors where a raised threshold may otherwise be necessary, such as between wet and dry areas of a facility, factory floor to office, loading dock and so forth.

Threshold drains help to ensure smooth operations by eliminating water accumulation, reducing slip hazards, and protecting infrastructure from water damage, as well as creating a level plane,  ultimately promoting a productive and secure working environment in industrial facilities.

Threshold drainage offers numerous applications in industrial settings:

Loading Docks: Prevents water accumulation during loading and unloading operations, maintaining safety and efficiency.

Warehouse Entrances: Ensures dry and level entry points for personnel and equipment, minimising slip and trip hazards.

Manufacturing Facilities: Manages water runoff from production areas, preserving equipment and ensuring smooth operations.

Vehicle Maintenance Areas: Drains water and chemicals away from workspaces, preventing contamination and maintaining safety standards.

Outdoor Storage Yards: Controls runoff to protect stored materials and equipment from water damage.

Processing Plants: Manages wastewater discharge, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and preventing contamination of surrounding areas.

Food Processing Facilities and Distribution Centres: Safeguards goods during transportation and storage by preventing water ingress.

Refineries and Petrochemical Plants: Handles runoff containing hazardous substances, mitigating environmental risks, and ensuring worker safety.

Power Plants: Manages water runoff from cooling systems and operational areas, preventing damage to critical infrastructure.

Industrial Parks: Provides comprehensive water management solutions for shared spaces, promoting safety and sustainability across multiple facilities.

Access All Areas

In busy residential and day-care facilities, where accessibility is key, threshold drainage ensures unimpeded access to outdoor spaces for individuals with mobility issues. By creating smooth transitions between indoor and outdoor areas, it facilitates safe and convenient movement, promoting inclusivity and enhancing quality of life for all residents and visitors.

Supplying Ideal Safety Standards 

Heelguard’s threshold drainage systems are specifically designed to provide effective water management while prioritising safety and accessibility. Featuring a unique safe grate design that prevents heels and small objects from getting trapped, Heelguard solutions ensure smooth transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces, making them ideal for residential and commercial applications alike.

Heelguard’s range of high-quality threshold drainage products are designed to address the needs of both residential and commercial applications. These products are engineered with a focus on safety, durability, and accessibility. Featuring unique designs that not only enhance functionality but also reduce maintenance requirements, saving both time and resources. In addition to their practical benefits, (no more trip hazards!) Heelguard’s threshold drainage products are also aesthetically pleasing, with sleek and modern designs that complement any architectural or open-plan living design.

Available in durable, corrosive resistant stainless steel, this clever range of threshold drainage offers options to suit all different project requirements. Whether used in residential settings, such as balconies or patios doorways, or in commercial environments like storefronts, restaurants, and public buildings, Heelguard’s threshold drainage products provide reliable water management solutions that prioritise safety and accessibility. With their combination of functionality, durability, and design, they are a trusted choice for architects, builders, and homeowners alike. Offering exceptional strength and durability, thanks to their robust construction and high-quality materials Heelguard’s stainless-steel grates are engineered to withstand heavy foot traffic, extreme weather conditions, and corrosive environments, offering reliability and longevity across a broad range of applications.

Constructed using premium quality, marine-grade stainless steel, Heelguard ensures that their products maintain structural integrity over time, even in demanding settings like industrial facilities, commercial complexes, and high-traffic public areas. The choice of materials also contributes to resistance against corrosion and degradation, further enhancing the product’s lifespan and performance. This combination of superior materials and expert construction enables Heelguard’s threshold drainage products to provide reliable water management solutions that withstand the test of time, ensuring safety, accessibility, and peace of mind for property owners and users alike.

Heelguard’s threshold drainage systems also offer customisable solutions tailored to meet specific customer requirements, including door compatibility. With the ability to be precisely configured and installed according to individual project needs, Heelguard ensures seamless integration with a wide range of door designs.

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