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Designed and manufactured in Australia, Heelguard’s Stormwater Grates come in a variety of sizes

Melbourne AU – January 6th 2023 / Heelguard Grating Pty Ltd /
Designed and manufactured in Australia, Heelguard’s Stormwater Grates come in a variety of sizes and configurations and can also be custom-made for specific project requirements.
With over 30 years of collective experience in offering drainage and grating solutions to clients across Australia, Heelguard has established itself as a premier supplier, manufacturer, and installer of high-end drainage and grating solutions and systems.

Efficient drainage is one of the critical elements of any infrastructure project, including civil infrastructure. Stormwater grates help drain surface water, providing a clean, safe, and hygienic environment. Without an efficient water drainage system in place, ponding becomes a common affair. It leads to mold and grime formation, causing pedestrian and bike accidents. It also greatly increases the risk of slip-and-fall hazards. Moreover, prolonged exposure to water and poor drainage can often lead to weakened infrastructure, increasing maintenance and repair costs substantially over time.

Heelguard Grating Pty Ltd, based in Australia, is a locally owned and operated firm offering premium grating and drainage systems and solutions. With decades of experience in offering drainage solutions and systems, the company has developed a wide range of grating and drainage systems with varying configurations to suit Australian infrastructure needs.

The Australian infrastructure and civil projects have specific guidelines every builder must comply with. Keeping this in mind, Heelguard has designed a range of Stormwater Grates made of high-quality 304 and 316 Stainless Steel, adding to its strength, longevity, and performance.

Heelguard’s Stormwater Grates come in standard ready-to-install configurations, fully compliant with the Australian Standard for wet access and covers and load ratings. The company also has the capability of designing and manufacturing custom stormwater grates. With the aesthetic and functional requirements of projects varying vastly in modern times, custom drainage solution has come a long way in recent years.
One of the key requirements while designing, developing, and installing stormwater grates is the safety it offers. It is because stormwater grates are installed on the sides of pavement and streets to drain rain and stormwater. Heelguard’s stormwater grates are pedestrian and bike safe as they integrate with the surface seamlessly without any step-downs.

It is what makes these grates comfortable for mobility devices such as wheelchairs as well. Moreover, thanks to its high-quality and strong build, Heelguard’s stormwater grates have high load capacity, ensuring it doesn’t get damaged easily. It can easily take the occasional load of vehicles, luggage, and humans passing over for it.
One of the specialty services differentiating Heelguard’s offering from the rest of the market is customization. While the company has a standard set of high-quality stormwater grates on offer, the company can manufacture, source, supply, and install customized stormwater grates. These custom-made stormwater grates have client-specific configurations while being compliant with Australian Standards.
Heelguard goes the extra mile to ensure the drainage and grating systems and products are aesthetically pleasing and in line with the latest architectural requirements. Modern infrastructures highly emphasize aesthetics while maintaining high functionality.

Heelguard ensures its products are in tune with the contemporary design and aesthetic style and sense and work closely with builders, developers, and designers to provide products that match their requirements. It is this ability to provide a combination of aesthetics, high-performance, and functionality that makes Heelguard’s stormwater grates and other drainage products stand out from the rest.

About Heelguard

Heelguard Gratings Pty Ltd is the leading manufacturer, supplier, and installer of high-quality drainage and grating solutions and systems in Australia. The company has over three decades of experience in the drainage industry and offers a wide range of drainage and grating systems and solutions, including offering custom solutions for modern civil and public infrastructures.

Heelguard offers 100% Australian-Made drainage and grating systems and solutions, compliant with Australian Standards, and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The commitment of the company to constantly innovate, upgrade and offer quality-oriented products has helped Heelguard become a name synonymous with quality in the drainage industry.

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