What is Heelguard?

What is Heelguard?
What is Diamond Stainless?

Diamond Series (Design #AU315674) Stainless Steel uses 100% Australian manufactured HEELGUARD wedge wire grating. This unique wire creates a grid form with a metal relief space larger than the head width. This technology results in a non clogging grate with a 5.0 mm aperture, HEELGUARD is a safe, slip resistant architectural finish ideal for public spaces as women’s high heel shoes cannot penetrate thus reducing trip hazards which may result in costly law suits.

HEELGUARD SEAMLESS TECHNOLOGY ™ comes in an easy to order component system to suit a wide variety of applications and visual appeal, making it an easy combination for specifying and design. The choice of three widths and depths cover all new construction and renovation applications and an off the shelf pattented clipping mechanism means an overnight and same day delivery service is possible, never previously being available.

DIAMOND SERIES (Design #AU315674) is a component system available in standard widths of 50, 100 and 130mm wide grating options. These widths and depths offer a variety of intake capacity and with the flexibility of singular or mulitiple outlet positions can cater for all discharge requriements. 

Diamond Series (Design #AU315674) Components
Heelguard Products
Diamond Series (Design #AU315674) Components: Vertical outlet, 90 degree corner, Continuous Drain, Balcony Drain and Pool Drain.

Slimline Balcony Drain

Slimline Balcony Drains are ideal in complimenting longitudinal architectural lines.

Continuous Drain

Continuous Drain compliments the highest quality bathroom finished without compromising slab depth restrictions.

Balcony Drain

Balcony Drain compliments the balustrade as well as being shallow enough to work in with tile beading.

Pool Drain

Pool Drain is a grate alternative in areas of high rainfall and critical runoff.

Continuous Drain

Continuous Drain compliments the landscaping as well as providing the hydraulic discharge for large areas.

Drain Components



Diamond Series (Design #AU315674) Stainless Steel Sumps
Diamond Series stainless steel sumps (Design #AU315674)
– Ideal for public areas and pedestrian walkways.

– Available in class A, B and C load ratings.

– Manufactured from either 304 or 316 grade stainless steel.

– Custom sizes available.

– Specimen baskets can be fitted

– Durable and timeless life span.

Diamond Series Sumps

Diamond Series Sumps (Design #AU315674) can be dual purpose, to discharge surface water as well as overlow flood prevention on down pipes.

Slimline Blacony Drain

Diamond Series Sumps (Design #AU315674) can be custom made to compliment our new seamless technologies modular down pipe and Rain Headers.

Stainless Steel Sumps

Stainless Steel Sumps can be custom made to enhance architectural paving effects.

Plan and Elevation

Diamond Series Sumps (Design #AU315674)
Length Width Depth Outlet
300 300 300 as required
450 450 400 as required
600 600 400 as required

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