Heelguard Grating is the original architectural stainless-steel grating with the added peace of mind of industry-leading slip resistance. This innovative grating with a standard 5mm aperture is ideal for all pedestrian applications. Enjoy the sustainability, durability and aesthetics that only stainless-steel grating can provide. Our grating lends itself perfectly to the application of suspended walkways, platforms, stair treads and landings.

We offer a wide range of versatile and dependable flooring options. Heelguard walkways and stairs gratings solutions are extremely strong, durable and long-lasting. Our unique design, durability and safety features grating solutions help keep work moving at the right pace while keeping your employees safe. We are the number one go-to company for grating products and can meet the tightest of deadlines when it comes to delivering our products anywhere in Australia.

Features of Our Walkways & Stairs Gratings

There are a number of reasons why businesses turn to Heelguard for their walkways and stairs grating needs. Here are some of the top ones:

Easy Access to Raised Surfaces, Machinery or Equipment

Factories, warehouses and industrial facilities have multiple levels where the employees need access to complete their job. While standard staircases and partial flooring can be installed, our stainless steel grating staircases offer the following benefits:

  • Stainless steel gratings are designed with safety in mind. Cleats on our gratings have increased slip resistance qualities.
  • The serrated profile surface of the gratings provides better traction. It makes them quite effective in wet conditions and areas with sloping surfaces.
  • Kick plating prevents objects from falling below when they are dropped near the edge of the walkways or stairs.

These safety features make our gratings perfect for your walkways and stairs in large warehouses and production plants.

Protection Against Rust & Corrosion

Commercial and industrial facilities often utilize harsh chemicals that can weaken, damage and discolour any standard flooring out there. It is especially true when the chemicals often pool in a certain area and is not cleaned up quickly. While water and moisture do not cause any short-term danger in terms of corrosion, but can greatly impact the walkway over time.

It is another great benefit of our stainless-steel gratings, which are corrosion-resistant. Heelguard gratings not only improve the safety of the areas and also increase the longevity of the walkways and stairs in areas where chemical spills are quite common, and exposure to moisture is inevitable.

Increased Visibility & Air Circulation

Another benefit of using stainless steel walkways and stairs is increased visibility and better airflow in the area. Solid walkways and staircases can limit the amount of light flowing from the top of the building or the windows in the area. Stainless steel grates allow more light to enter the area and increase coverage based on the circumstances. In many facilities, airflow can also be a great concern. Stainless steel gratings allow HVAC systems and fans to work efficiently and provide gaps to let the air flow freely.

The above benefits are greatly applicable toan industrial context where light and airflow are needed for the employees to perform their job and produce high-quality results. In commercial settings, the advantages of stainless-steel grates have a lot to do with aesthetics than safety rules. Heelguard walkway grates are versatile enough to support specific goals for a wide range of buildings.

Creating an Engaging Environment

Stainless steel walkways and stairs are usually seen in settings where durability and safety are critical. However, Heelguard gratings can add to the design and visual identity of places. Using our walkways gratings in commercial buildings such as office complex or shopping malls create a more memorable environment. You can choose from a number of finishes and colours to create the best visual appearance for your space.

Common Applications of Our Stainless Steel Walkways & Stairs Grating

  • Industrial Walkways
  • Pedestrian Walkways
  • Stair Treads
  • Crossover Platforms
  • Railroad Walking Grating
  • Docks and Piers
  • Rooftop Walkways
  • Mezzanine Floors

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You know that the quality of the stainless-steel walkways and stairs gratings is tied to the experience and skills of the manufacturer. It is the reason why we have continuously grown in the past and are confident of growing even more. Heelguard offers grating solutions that you can count on which is critical no matter you want gratings for workplace safety or aesthetic needs.

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